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Meet-N-Greet With Bianca Fairchild Sponsored by Viniq

I sat down with Bianca Fairchild, in her midtown Atlanta “creative space” to learn more about her and all of the things that she’s currently working on. She spoke exclusively to a few outlet’s to promote her upcoming high end lingerie line, “Apparition Lingerie.” We chatted about growth, wealth, dating, business and lingerie over a glass of shimmery Viniq. The poised yet soft spoken Caribbean woman had a natural beauty and calm spirit. She wore a trendy jacket, jeans and heels. The graduate from UCLA and Harvard University is an intellectual, philanthropist, and an overall boss!

How she put together her creative space in Atlanta:

I start from the top, literally. I always look up at the ceiling and see how I feel. We acquired this space like 2 years ago. I laid in the middle of the floor and I looked up at the ceiling. It was concrete, the same material as the wall and I didn’t like it, it wasn’t appealing to me. It felt like I was in jail. I said to myself, what do I want to look up and see every day when I’m in my office? What do I want to overwhelm me? I thought of gold. I want to be overwhelmed by gold! It symbolizes abundance, luxury, value, strength. What’s more awesome than gold? Nothing!

Bianca turned a basic midtown Atlanta apartment into a space which allows her to tap into her creative side and come up with her next venture when she’s in town. Not only does she design in her space, she also holds business meetings, does photo shoots and has fun with friends. I found it interesting she only has pictures of herself in the space. Usually you think a person with only pictures of themselves in a room is conceited, but after talking to Bianca I learned she is a very confident woman who enjoys showcasing her growth, and the growth of those she’s worked with through her portraits. She says:

I am my most valuable asset, I invest in myself.  I am my first and number one investment, and I’m no good to my clients or anyone if I am not strong or good. That’s where the pictures come from. I want to see myself growing into a beautiful woman and changing, and I want to document it. These photos are like a journal to me on how I’ve changed, what’s going on, am I doing this right or wrong. It’s also a way for me to document my friends as well because everyone I work with is a friend for the most part.

Why she call herself god:

I have a personal journal called “I Am God by Bianca Fairchild.” I don’t think I’m God, but I do think I’m god. I say that in the sense that I have the power to do anything that I want to do. God gave that gift to me. I can become anyone I want to become; I can create anything I want to create. I am that strong. I say anything I want to say, I can do anything I want to do, I can make anything I want to make it as long as I am willing to. So I am god.  

It’s powerful for a person to believe that they are a god and not saying that are “God.” Her belief that she is god enables Bianca Fairchild to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Along with having a jewelry line, furniture line, and nonprofit organization, she is gearing up for her newest business venture, Apparition Lingerie.

Apparition Lingerie is inspired by what’s inside of me essentially. It’s Victorian, it’s classic, it showcases a woman’s body. It’s a lot of lace and jewelry. It’s a lot of embezzlements that puts something over the top that makes it you can’t help to look at it. It’s for a man in the bedroom. A man would love to see you in that! It’s not just for the bedroom; the camera wants to see you photographed in that. When you put on one of my pieces from Apparition, I feel like you’ll be so transformed. You’ll feel so good about yourself. It’s amazing.

Bianca explained how she’s very involved in creating each piece of Apparition Lingerie and finding new inspirations:

Number one I always keep my eyes open. I’m always looking around. That’s what I draw my inspirations from is what I see. In my travels, in the books that I read even if it’s one line. The last piece I designed is red embezzled with silvery things, inspired by a poem by Sir Thomas Wyatt and it’s called “Whoso List to Hunt.” I read that at Undergraduate at UCLA and immediately fell in love with that poem.

The poem is about a woman who is so interesting, so desirous and a man who is telling everyone if you’re looking for a woman to hunt, don’t hunt her. She’s not available and you will not get her.  He said he noticed a diamond necklace around her neck one day which said “Noli me tangere, for Caesar's I am” which is Latin for “touch me not.” We know that Caesar was the king, so she knew that she would never entertain anybody because she knew her destiny was to be with a king. I was reading that poem over again the other day, and I was sketching out the red piece, so that inspired me. I took it a step farther and got a tattoo that says “Caesar’s I Am” on my foot.

Bianca dishes that her high end lingerie line is for a real woman, in her eyes. She envisions a woman who is slim, has curves including breast and booty (not too thick), and one who is neat and in shape. She designed over 50 pieces in her new sexy line, and cannot wait for the world to see it.
Her thoughts on men and dating:

I’m not dating anyone. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, but I do have a type. I definitely like tall guys. You gotta be tall! I am a lot to deal with, so if you just have the height in the bag, you’re good. I have to look up to you literally. I feel like that kinda gives a guy some edge. You gotta be in shape; you can’t be out of shape, no! It’s so tough as a woman to stay in shape, I feel like guys have a whole lot less to deal with as far as fat and things like that. I look at it like if I’m in shape, you definitely have to be in shape. I like guys with low hair. I don’t like anything on a man that denotes femininity.

I do like guys that are really creative and in touch with their emotion, but I only want him to express it to me. Not to the world, unless it’s your art. I don’t want you tweeting your emotions, nothing like that. I like a guy with a really firm exterior, who can control situations and be a really good guide.
Bianca continues to express that she feels as if men are intimated by her, not only by her success but everybody about her. She feels that even if she was not successful, the in which she carries herself would still intimidate a man, but she believes a strong man won’t let that overwhelm him. She admitted that she gets intimated sometimes as well, but she doesn’t let it overwhelm her.

She’s a love of traveling, water, yachts, nice things and seeing others happy. Bianca Fairchild enjoys the finer things in life, but also loves simple things, where she finds her inspirations from. She’s collaborated with Cody Cast Entertainment to put the finishing touches on her website, which will house all that she’s doing including her jewelry line, her furniture line “Bianca Fairchild Through Time,” her lingerie line “Apparition Lingerie,” and her journal “I Am God by Bianca Fairchild.” You can expect to see a glimpse of Apparition Lingerie coming soon to this week.

Bianca stated she’s been working on the line for a quite some time now, but she believes that editing is so important and doesn’t believe in putting anything out until its right. As an artist, she’s not as excited about selling her lingerie in volume, but she’s most excited to showcase her hard work come July! Stay tuned for all of the great things this woman has in the works.

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