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Disclaimer Statement
All information posted to this blog site is to inform viewers on the latest and hottest news in entertainment. Please note is updated on the terms of the staff. Content is comprised of facts and personal views of the writer. FARRINHEIT 411 was created and is run by Editor Farrin Hymon. Published content on this site is not obligated to report everything in entertainment, yet things found interesting to the FARRINHEIT 411 staff. Keep in mind, FARRINHEIT 411 is NOT a celebrity gossip site, but does not mean that gossip will not ever appear on this blog. Changes can be made to this site at any time. 

Some photographs posted to are not original photos taken by the staff or it's close affiliates. Listed at the bottom of each post, the site, source or photographer the pictures were taken from is provided. If there is an issue with a photo posted to that was not taken or owned by FARRINHEIT 411, please contact us immediately! Any photos that appear on this blog site from exclusive event coverage FARRINHEIT 411 has done, are owned by FARRINHEIT 411 and the photographers affiliated with this site. Photos should not be altered, changed, or claimed as one's own. If any pictures or material from FARRINHEIT 411 is used on any other website, blog or personal social media accounts, FARRINHEIT 411 must be cited or contacted by the user in advance.

Product Reviews/Submissions: FARRINHEIT 411 does accept products for reviews, sponsorship's, or brand/business highlights. FARRINHEIT 411 also accepts content from music artist and videographers. Please be advised that reviews or submissions may or may not be posted to due to the nature of this site and its audience, however that does not mean you will not considered for blog post or social media post. 

Privacy Policy
Any personal information given to FARRINHEIT 411 is completely voluntarily. Note that any information you provide in the comment section of posts can be seen to the general public. Any communication that is made with FARRINHEIT 411 regarding suggestions, media inquiries, submissions, emails, etc, personal contact information will not be displayed or given to anyone, unless permission is given. All personal communication through FARRINHEIT 411 is kept confidential to the general public. 

Some of the content on this blog is not appropriate to all audiences, such as young children. Please note that FARRINHEIT 411 does not promote any negativity, violence, or demeaning actions towards others. Commenting on FARRINHEIT 411 is open to anyone, but please be respectful to this site as well as others who comment. 

For any questions or concerns see the contact page.