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                                                                                 Before being inducted into the Wondaland family Isis Valentino and Alex Belle had a growing audience in Atlanta they accumulated after starting their group. The St. Beauty was formally introduced to the world through Janelle Monae, who announced the official launching of her label Wondaland Records early 2015. Both Alex and Isis brings their own unique talent to the group, matched with true style and grace. Their passion for music, peace and being free is exuded in their presence, sending off a wave of positive vibes to anyone around them. St. Beauty's future in this industry seems bright, considering there aren't many artist that mimic their look and sound.

If you had the opportunity to step into a lifestyle of a rich and famous pop star, who would be amongst the first you would hire on your team? Pretty sure it wouldn't be a personal photographer. In the forefront we see and glorify the talent, but in reality the individuals behind the scenes make their entire operation work.The average person tends to overlook the team of individuals that travel with celebrities, who really are just as, if not more important that the celeb themselves. Those individuals shouldn't go unnoticed but, many times they become a blur to an exhilarated fan or an anxious photographer; which could potentially prompt a safety hazard. Well, Elijah Shaw is one of those individuals you'd want on your team.

Celina Lina, R&B/Pop artist on the way to making her big break as music’s next big star. She is a composer all of her original music, with an extremely wide vocal range. Her ability to record and arrange her own harmonies and backgrounds is an incredible gifted. Some may say Celina is a producer’s and engineer’s dream artist! This young lady is a 'true' multi genre artist. Celina was born and raised in Florida. She attended a local primary catholic school, LaVilla School of The Arts (middle school), and Douglas Anderson School Of The Arts (high school). As she’s toured the country, she was able to graduate one year early, where she is now taking classes to pursue a business degree.

Drew Sidora Talks Blazing Along Her Dreams, Playing T Boz, & New "Hindsight" Role

Actress/singer Drew Sidora is no new face to the television screen. Since snagging her first break on screen as a child in the television movie “Divas,” she hasn’t stopped since. She is most known to fans for her roles in “White Chicks,” “That’s So Raven,” “The Game,” “Step Up,” “What I Like About You,” and most recently her role as T Boz in VH1’s film “The TLC Story: CrazySexyCool.”
 Drew’s angelic personality, bright smile, and dedication to her work has awarded her countless opportunities to work with Hollywood’s elite and establish a strong resume. Drew Sidora is an example for women, especially those of color that good women can win and be successful in the entertainment business with strong faith, a supporting family, self-confidence, a great team, and big dreams.

Rob Williams Found His Calling In Making Cooler Sounding Christian Music 
 On the journey to finding our true purpose in life and achieving our dreams, many of us have a faith-based foundation that provides us a spiritual strength to endure whatever life throws at us as well as sense of comfort & direction to guide us through. Rob Williams is one of many individuals in the world that has used his faith in finding what he refers to as his calling here on Earth. His story is one heard like no other, but is a true testament that shouldn't go untold.  He spoke to us about his path to creating something that he takes much pride in, but gives all the credit to the higher power. Several years prior to Rob Williams discovering his calling, he would not have seen himself where he is today. Before committing his life fully to the Christian faith, Rob would describe himself as a “been there, done that” type of person, indulging in everything from drugs, partying, careless living and women.

Singer George Tandy Jr. Talks Timeless Music, Stable Foundations & Musical Influences

I had a chance to sit down with Universal Republic R&B artist George Tandy Jr. during his time in Atlanta for Steve Harvey's Neighborhood Awards. The Virginia native was very friendly as we met and was eager to talk to me about everything he has going on musically. Our interview took place at Moods Music, the perfect setting to talk music. George has created a strong buzz surrounding his single "March" which has received heavy air play this year on R&B stations around the country. His album The Foundation brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene, channeling a variety of sounds and emotions to make a solid body of work.
I got a chance to speak with Co-Founder of Miss Jessie's Original products, Miko Branch at the Leave-In-Condish Launch Party at BarOne in Atlanta. It was a pleasure hanging out with Miko that night. Her sweet, calm, but loving personality lit up the room when she walked in. The Miss Jessie's brand started over 10 years ago, has helped women of multiple hair types and lengths love wearing their natural hair with confidence! Having one of the leading natural hair care products on the market Miko Branch remains an overall humble and genuine person.

Exclusive: Jonn Hart Talks New Mixtape, His Place In R&B, and Starting Trends

FARRINHEIT 411 had the pleasure to sit down with R&B artist Jonn Hart to get the 411 on what he has going on. Since the world was introduced to Hart with his hit single "Who Booty" in 2012, he has emerged as trendsetter with his own unique style and sound ready to take over the game.

 Exclusive: First Look Interview with J.Spitta

I had the opportunity to sit down rising Hip-Hop artist, J. Spitta. The 29-year-old West Bankhead, Atlanta native is a rapper who is on his way to taking over Atlanta. The difference between J. Spitta and other newcomers from Atlanta? His approach to the rap game is completely different. As cliche as it may sound, it's true!

I sat down with Bianca Fairchild, in her midtown Atlanta “creative space” to learn more about her and all of the things that she’s currently working on. She spoke exclusively to a few outlet’s to promote her upcoming high end lingerie line, “Apparition Lingerie.” We chatted about growth, wealth, dating, business and lingerie over a glass of shimmery Viniq. The poised yet soft spoken Caribbean woman had a natural beauty and calm spirit. She wore a trendy jacket, jeans and heels. The graduate from UCLA and Harvard University is an intellectual, philanthropist, and an overall boss!
Exclusive: YG Talks to FARRINHEIT 411 About New Album

I caught up with YG and DJ Mustard while they were in Atlanta promoting YG's new album My Krazy Life. The cool laid back Compton rapper, YG greeted fans at a local Footaction, signing t-shirts and taking pictures. He took a few minutes to chop it up with FARRINHEIT 411 to give a few details on his upcoming album, working with Drake, DJ Mustard, and Young Jeezy. Read what he had to say:

I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Kenny Burns and Rob Hill Sr. host of the Living Life for a Living Tour in Charlotte, NC at Johnson C. Smith University to talk about their rise to success, dreams, the LLL Tour and being inspirations. After being welcomed with open arms, I knew I would be in for a treat to sit down with these two gentlemen and learn all about their story.  Both of these individuals are known for their social media presence as well as being names that have buzzed in many ears for quite some time. If you’re not familiar with their work, check their resumes! Living in Atlanta, I’ve seen Kenny Burns at some of Atlanta’s hottest events, and knew he and Rob Hill Sr. were two people I had to meet. They are both full of insight, inspiration, and an all-around good time. Our conversation was lots of laughs and side jokes, but more importantly a great exchange of genuine energy and lasting impressions. 

I had the pleasure to sit down with Roc Nation recording artist Bridget Kelly hours before the EOS Products Tour she is featured on with label mates Melanie Fiona and Elijah Blake. Atlanta was the first stop on the five city tour, targeted towards college students.  For those not familiar with Bridget Kelly, she signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation in 2011. She emerged on the scene with her first single “Special Delivery” and had the summer hit “Street Dreamin” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The New York native is a Grammy award-winning songwriter for the single “Einstein,” which is featured on Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger album. The album won Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards.