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Future The New King Of Trap Music?! + Why He Says Him & Ciara Didn't Workout

Future_Like I Never Left_Ciara Breakup

It appears Future is well on his way to soon being crowned the new king of Trap Music. Since breaking national radio and street success in 2011 with hits like "Magic," "Tony Montana," "Ain't No Around It" and "Same Damn Time," He's gearing up to release his third album Dirty Sprite 2, the second installment to his 2011 mixtape Dirty Sprite. Linking up with well-known Atlanta producers Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made It and Zaytoven, Future has been consistent with giving the people the ultimate turn up experience over the past 4 years.

Its been a while since an artist out of Atlanta has truly captivated the streets with music back to back over a long period of time. With Gucci Mane holding the king of Trap Music title and currently being incarcerated, if already not, Future will be wearing that crown very soon. His raspy voice, super ignorant but very catchy lyrics and his hard-hitting beats made Future instantly stand out once his music began creating a buzz around Atlanta. It wasn't long before he had a national radio #1 hit s "Turn On The Lights," which took his rap career to the next level. Who would've thought the guy no one knew featured on the "Racks On Racks" single would be your go-to guy for your daily ratchet fix?

As he began climbing the latter in the Rap/Hip-Hop industry he began linking up with other Atlanta artist that were climbing the latter of success, as well as established commercially successful rappers such as Drake. Most people didn't think Future would have a successful music run longer than 2 years tops, but he's proving everyone wrong. At the time reaching the pinnacle of his new career, he began dating an Atlanta native turned Hollywood diva Ciara.

Its no hiding that Ciara clearly gave Future that Beyonce "let me update you" swag upgrade, introducing  him to the high-end fashion world and a new style of music. The two dated a good two years when they got engaged. Months after their engagement, Ciara announced she was pregnant and soon after giving birth to their son their relationship was no more. What happened? Ciara never really spoke on what happened with her relationship with a man many warned her on dating. There was never any word from Future either until now.

In promoting his new album DS2, Future sat down with Hip Hop journalist Elliot Wilson for a mini documentary series "Like I Never Left." In part 1 of the short visual, Future broke his silence telling his side of the story on what lead to the couple to not working out. He admitted that she wanted to push the wedding date up, with a large wedding and huge media outlets which he wasn't comfortable with. He also shared that following the success of Ciara's single "Body Party" which featured him and produced by Mike Will, she didn't want to continue making urban records to complete her album. Being that Future's music submerges the Urban/Hip-Hop world and his ex-Ciara has taken to a more pop style, he felt their differences in music and the Hollywood lifestyle put them in an awkward place. Sips tea!

Although his last album wasn't as successful as he anticipated and a failed relationship, Future still had some pride leaving 2014 with two Billboard #1 singles. Within the last year, he's released three mixtapes all successful in the streets. Future was determined to get back to making the music that made him happy and at this point in time in his life, he's not willing to sacrifice anything for it. People say "third times a charm," and with Dirty Sprite 2 being Future's third LP lets see if he can snag his first #1 album with high sales like he never left the game. Mr. Codeine Crazy's Dirty Sprite 2 will be available July 17th.

The visuals for this is dope! Watch Part 1 & 2 of "Like I Never Left" below:

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