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President Obama Visits Greensboro, NC; Speaks to NC A&T Students for #UndefeatedConvo

(Photo Courtesy of  Farrin Hymon, FARRINHEIT 411)
President Obama landed in Greensboro, North Carolina October 11th for a special appearance at North Carolina A&T State University. The President landed on Air Force One around 2:30PM at Piedmont Triad Airport, as he was greeted by a small group of affiliates local family and friends. President Obama's official last 100th  day serving as the United States' 44th President was spent in North Carolina, as he spoke upon a group of HBCU students for "A Conversation With the President" with ESPN's The Undefeated. 

The final months of Obama's presidency have consisted of his day-to-day duties in addition to rallying for the Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. In effort to secure Clinton's seat in the White House from Secretary of State to the first female President of this country, Barack Obama has urged voters the importance of continuing the work he's done during the past 8 years in office. Despite much of President Obama's criticism during his two terms, there is no doubt that he will go down in history as one of the most unique, personable, diligent, laid back, swagged, intelligent, hip, balanced and comedic Presidents this country will ever see.

An approach Obama's public support for Hillary Clinton during this election is gaining the black vote. During his Presidency, an aggressive re-emergence of physical, personal and social racism has occurred that has enlightened younger generations that all racism (not just systematic) still exist in America. President Obama's presidency has been praised and preyed for flaws, for aiding or lack of aid for African Americans during his time in office. From health care, employment, education, LBGT equality, war, to prison reform, the Obama administration has extensively worked for the betterment of all Americans, which has encompassed African Americans.

In July, President Obama became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison, where he met with inmates serving long sentences. In August, the President released 214 inmates of their sentence, most serving life sentences for non violent drug crimes. More than the last nine presidents combined, President Obama released 562 federal prisoners.

My Brother's Keeper launched in February 2014, an initiative established by the President and chaired by Broderick Johnson to assist young men and boys of color stay on track, be awarded opportunities and become successful. The initiative is committed to a healthy lifestyle, reading, seeking higher education, securing employment and being forgiven for past crimes. Since launching My Brother's Keeper, the program has been active in many states and has involved a number of Hip-Hop artists in support of carrying out the initiative. President Obama spoke on his My Brother's Keeper initiative, in addition to race, HBCUs, sports, achievement and life after the White House to the students of NC A&T during the forum with The Undefeated, which was televised on ESPN.

Although it would probably take several more terms for accomplish progressive and permanent change in America President Obama has no intentions of letting up on pushing for what he believes and furthering a strong legacy following his last term. Many can appreciate and will cherish the memories of President Obama.

We had the esteemed honor and privilege catch the behind the scenes of Mr. President arriving and boarding the infamous Air Force One during his quick visit to Greensboro.
President Obama boarding Air Force One around 8:30PM Oct. 11th

Does that make 411 Presidential??

(Photos: Farrin Hymon)

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